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📞 We Can't Wait To Meet You

Build Your Career

We value our Virtual Receptionists and provide a supportive and inclusive work environment where your contributions are recognized and appreciated.

⏰ Our Schedule

We operate Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm EST.

We offer both full-time (40 hours/week) and part-time positions.

For part-time roles, you are required to be available for a minimum of 5 hours per day, 5 days a week, with the option for additional hours.

Shifts are divided into two 5-hour blocks: 8am-1pm and 1pm-6pm EST.

As this position is fully remote, you have the flexibility to choose the shift that works best for you.

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 🙌 We're On The Lookout For Highly Motivated

Our Values

We're on the lookout for a highly motivated Remote Virtual Receptionists to join our team at Andi Virtual. As an integral part of our team, you'll handle calls for multiple businesses, each with their own unique instructions. Your role will involve providing exceptional customer service, conveying accurate business information, and assisting callers in a professional and efficient manner.

💪 Responsibilities

You'll Deal With

  • Answer incoming calls from a variety of businesses, carefully following specific instructions for each client.

  • Maintain a positive and friendly demeanor, ensuring callers have a warm and welcoming experience.

  • Provide accurate and timely business information, demonstrating your product knowledge and expertise.

  • Effectively de-escalate challenging situations and escalate calls as necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Take comprehensive and precise notes during calls, exhibiting excellent grammar and spelling skills.

  • Perform various tasks such as message taking, client screening, appointment booking, payment collection, and call transfers.

  • Collaborate with team members to maintain a high standard of excellence and contribute to the growth of our organization.

🧠 Requirements

We expect that you have

  • Previous experience in a call center or customer service role is preferred.

  • Exceptional verbal communication skills with a clear and pleasant phone manner.

  • Ability to quickly adapt to different business requirements and follow specific instructions.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to handle difficult or demanding callers.

  • Excellent note-taking abilities with a keen attention to detail.

  • Proficiency in grammar and spelling to ensure accurate documentation.

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently in a remote setting.

  • Reliable internet connection and a dedicated workspace.

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⚡️ Don't Hesitate

Do It RIght Now

If you're a customer-focused individual with excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a remote work environment, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join our team and contribute to the continued excellence and growth of our organization!

💪 Training Is Important Part

Training Information

Acceptable Services:

  • Cable

  • Fiber

  • DSL (some services may qualify, please check with your provider)

Not Acceptable:

  • Fixed Wireless

  • Satellite (Hughes Net, ViaSat & AT&T Sat)

  • Mobile Hotspot

  • Cellular

Before You Apply, You Must Have: - Desktop with Google Chrome browser installed - 2 high-resolution screens - Wired keypad and mouse - Wired noise-canceling headset with attached microphone arm (including mute and volume buttons) - Reliable broadband internet connection with minimum speeds: 20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload (10 Mbps recommended) - Direct access to the router via Ethernet cable (best connection within 50 ft., but can go up to 100 ft.) - Dedicated workspace with limited distractions - Ability to maintain a predictable and consistent schedule Training Requirements: - Training schedule: 8:30 am 4:00 pm EST for 12 business days Training requires full attendance, engagement, and self-discipline Approximately 30 hours of self-paced learning - Remote training with support from trainers - Technology setup before training is crucial for success Work Environment: - Position requires sitting and working at a computer for extended periods - Effective communication with a diverse audience To successfully execute your role, take calls and maintain good quality service, your internet speeds must stay consistently above our detailed minimums. Even if your service is meeting this speed most of the time, any dip below that could cause lag, audio issues, or disconnects from the VPN and/or other Andi Virtual applications, affecting your ability to fulfill the role you are being hired for.  Andi Virtual is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage diversity and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status. Applicants must be authorized to work for any employer in the US, as we are unable to sponsor work visas. Andi Virtual participates in the federal E-Verify program in certain locations.

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