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  • What is Andi Virtual?
    Let’s start by saying what Andi Virtual is not: We are NOT an answering service. You can think of us as a tiered-dedicated boutique virtual receptionist service. We make connections with professionalism. Andi Virtual is a U.S.-based virtual receptionist service provider. We answer and connect your calls when, and how you want them connected. Andi Virtual can take and make calls, transfer calls, take messages, schedule appointments, complete intake forms, manage new leads, and screen calls to keep marketers and scammers away (and VIP clients happy!). Just visit our Services page for more information! We represent your business in every call we take. We work by your side to provide a professional “look” and feel to your business, without the burden and the excessive costs of managing and hiring an in-house receptionist.
  • How does Andi Virtual work?
    1. Choose a plan that best fits your needs depending on your monthly call volume. You can upgrade at any time if needed. 2. Choose a number to forward your calls to us. We can also provide a number if you need one. Most of our clients choose their own number and forward it to the number that we assign to them. It’s your choice! Remember: Feel free to forward and stop forwarding your lines at your convenience: all day, a couple of hours, a couple of days a week. Overflow: You can also choose to have your phone provider ring calls in your office a few times before rolling over to our team of professional virtual receptionists. 3. Give some thought to your script and call handling instructions and send this information to us. We’ll be with you on this crucial step if you need assistance. 4. You’re all done! Just give us 48 hours, and your team will be ready to go live and make an impression on your clients! *We will begin taking your calls, transferring them, taking messages, doing intakes, scheduling appointments, etc.
  • Can I forward my existing phone number to Andi virtual?
    Yes, you can. You can either use your own, or we can provide a number for you for a fee.
  • When will Andi answer my calls?
    From 8 am-6 pm EST During that time, you can forward the calls to us permanently, during specific hours, or when you or your team is busy and cannot take calls (call overflow). Before and after hours, we will forward your calls to a personalized voicemail.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    We serve you Monday-Friday, from 8-6 pm EST like most business hours.
  • What happens when I'm not available to take calls?
    When we transfer calls to you or the designated team member, we will call you first and let you know who is on the line. If we cannot reach you, we will get back to the client and inform them you are currently unavailable or on another call. We will then take a message or schedule a callback. 😀Super cool feature: Sick? Tired? Need some time off? You’re welcome to let us know of your status at any time, such as when you are stepping into a meeting, taking some time off to rest, doing some desk work, or catching up. Just let us know when you would like your calls held. Update your status via phone or email. Our virtual receptionists will sound like an in-house receptionist: “Thanks for holding, Jess is at lunch at the moment, but I would be happy to take a message or offer you, her voicemail.”
  • How many receptionists are assigned to my account?
    A team of 5-6 dedicated US-based receptionists will answer your phones. We hire talented receptionists who are the best at what they do.
  • How do I communicate with the receptionist team?
    You can contact your team via phone call, text message, or just send them an email.
  • What else can my Andi team do for me besides answering the phone?
    Pretty much anything! Andi Virtual can take and make calls, transfer calls, take and give messages, provide information, process payments, schedule appointments, complete light intake forms, manage new leads, and screen calls to keep marketers and scammers away (and VIP clients happy!).
  • If I need just answering services, can you just do that for me, answer the phone and take a message?
    Yes, we can. Not our preferred service, but you’re literally the boss!
  • What phone system do you use?
    We use T1 phone lines, which is a more reliable line that delivers higher quality compared to regular home or office lines.
  • What’s the difference between Andi Virtual and a call or answering service?
    Answering services are impersonal and quick, they just answer calls, and take quick messages. Callers are often left with the awful feeling that something’s missing. The sympathy, empathy, and warmth are simply not there. They don't know your business, but we do! At Andi Virtual, we are YOUR receptionist team!
  • Can I forward my calls only part-time?
    Absolutely, yes! *Remember: Feel free to forward and stop forwarding your lines at your convenience: all day, a couple of hours, a couple of days a week. * Call Overflow: You can also choose to have your phone provider ring calls in your office a few times before rolling over to our team of professional virtual receptionists.
  • How are calls transferred to me?
    You as the business owner provide us with your call handling instructions. Andi Virtual adapts the call handling to your unique business needs. The typical call-handling protocol for our virtual receptionists is as follows: 1. The call is identified and answered. The call is screened and placed on hold. 2. The client is contacted and asked whether he or she wishes to accept the call. 3. If accepted, the call is transferred immediately. 4. If denied, the call is either sent to voicemail or a manual message is taken and delivered to you via email. *Please note : We are happy to adapt our call handling to your unique business, including only taking messages, collecting specific information from callers, trying multiple lines, scheduling appointments, taking orders, and more. Everyone in your business may set their own individual call instructions. 😀
  • Can you transfer calls to my cell phone or to my home?
    Yes, we can, and we can also transfer the call to a designated person or send it directly to your voicemail.
  • Can you make outbound calls?
    Absolutely yes!
  • Where do you provide services?
    Anywhere in the United States.
  • Are your receptionists bilingual?
    Our professional expert receptionists speak English and Spanish.
  • Where are you located?
    Out headquarters are located in the vibrant city of Miami, the new Silicon Valley.
  • What happens if they call me out of working hours?
    A preset voicemail will answer your calls which is available to you at any time!
  • What are some tips or suggestions for reducing the number of Call Minutes I’m using?
    At Andi, we understand that managing costs is important for any business. We offer some tips to help reduce your Call Minute usage: Consider call-forwarding: You can forward and un-forward your line from Andi as frequently as you need. The more you forward to Andi and have our receptionists answer calls live, the higher your usage will be. If there is a time when you aren't expecting many calls or wouldn't mind handling them yourself, you can temporarily un-forward your line. You won't use any receptionist minutes if our receptionists aren't answering your calls. Use our voicemail service: If your account instructions include our receptionists taking written messages or sending callers back to your phone system's voicemail, you may want to consider using our voicemail boxes instead. Our voicemail service is quick, seamless, and our professionally recorded voicemail greeting will give your callers a great first impression. Simplify your call handling instructions: If your instructions include our receptionists performing extensive screening or gathering multiple pieces of information on calls, your call minute usage may be higher than average. Simplifying these instructions can drastically reduce the amount of time our receptionists spend on the line with your callers.
  • Can receptionists take down sensitive information from my callers (SSN, credit card info)?
    Due to liability concerns, and in order to ensure your callers’ information is secure, Andi Virtual does not record sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers in our system. We’re happy to input these in your secure systems, or direct these types of calls to someone in your office!
  • Does Andi Virtual screen out solicitors?
    Yes! Our default is to always screen solicitation calls when no one is asked for by name. For example, if a caller says, “I’d like to talk to the owner, or the person who handles hiring,” our receptionists will take this as a signal the call may be a solicitation. We screen solicitations by first asking, “Is this a solicitation?” If the caller says “yes,” we’ll politely ask the solicitor to remove your business from their calling list. If the caller says, “no,” we’ll err to the side of caution and route the call based on your account instructions to ensure that we don’t accidentally screen out a real call. Of course, you can count on Andi Virtual to screen out recorded solicitations as well. If you’re looking for more screening, we can screen more heavily. Conversely, if you’d prefer we accept all solicitations we can do that too. Feel welcome to adjust your call handling instructions as needed!
  • How do you bill for your virtual receptionist services?
    Please see our Pricing Page to find out more about our Service Plans. We charge Customers two types of fees for Receptionist Services. First, we charge a fixed fee based on the package of “Receptionist Service Pricing Plans” you purchase or subscribe to. Second, we charge a variable overage fee if your usage exceeds the base usage units included with your subscription. Call Minutes. At Andi Virtual, we use a precise billing method based on "Call Minutes," billed in 30-second increments. We round call times to the nearest 30 seconds for simplicity and fairness. This comprehensive approach considers both Call Time and After-Call Work, ensuring transparent and efficient billing. It encourages efficient service without compromising quality. We train or agents, and give them the most efficient systems and processes with your interests in mind! We only charge for the time that the receptionist is involved in the call; there are no charges per transfer, per message, or for the time that you talk to your caller. Please understand that even though your receptionists are highly trained in efficiency, we are NOT a call center. We are trained to make and build connections with both your new and established customers. We use time efficiently, but we do not rush through your calls. We listen, assist, process information, and share it with you. Good service is at the heart of our company.
  • What happens with unused minutes?
    If you do not use all of your allotted Call Minutes within a billing cycle, they will not be rolled over to the next billing cycle. It is important to select a pricing plan that best fits your needs to avoid consistent unused minutes. If you find that you consistently have unused minutes, you may consider downgrading your plan to a lower tier that better matches your usage patterns.
  • What happens if I need more minutes?
    You can upgrade your Service Plan to the next level or the appropriate plan depending on your needs.
  • Can I change or customize my plan after signing up?
    Yes, you can! If you don't see a plan that best reflects business needs, contact us! We will help you customize a plan for you.
  • What happens if I go over my plan minutes?
    In the event that you exceed the number of Call Minutes during a calendar month of the Services, you will be charged overage charges. We charge a variable overage fee if your usage exceeds the base usage units included with your subscription. You may at any time elect to change your Service Plan by contacting Andi Virtual at, or by electing to change it directly on your account. Changes will take effect on the next monthly payment date. Overage charges will apply, if any, until the new Service Plan takes effect.
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