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Reasonable Use Policy

Andi Virtual is committed to efficient, predictable billing through per-receptionist minute pricing. To meet this goal, we require that all calls fall within the scope of Reasonable Use for a virtual receptionist service, as defined below.

Generally, the following conversation flow is included in every call (all plans), unless directed otherwise by your script:

  • We greet your caller.

  • We determine the intent of the call — What does the caller need?

  • We collect contact information if required— What is the caller’s name, phone number, email address, and/or physical address? Optionally, at your request, we can collect preferred pronouns if this is relevant to your clientele or business.

  • We transfer or take the message as needed.


The following services can be added to your Andi Virtual plan (Starter, Basic, Andi Pro, 500 Pro and Custom plans):


Lead Qualification

Upon completion of the conversation flow, our team evaluates the caller's qualifications to distinguish potential or existing clients from telemarketers, spam calls, and wrong numbers.



Following the general conversation flow and assessment of the caller's qualifications, we proceed with tailored intake procedures aligned with the Business's requirements and preferences. Typically, these intakes involve 4-5 concise, leading, and closed-ended questions, customized based on the Business’s preferences. These inquiries are designed to be completed within a maximum timeframe of 120 seconds (2 minutes), ensuring efficiency and productivity in our engagement process. B

The intake process ideally should not exceed an average of 120 seconds (2 minutes). After handling multiple calls and practicing the intake questions with callers, we can establish a consistent and efficient average time. Each half-minute or longer of intake is rounded up to the nearest minute and is applicable to the billable minutes in the Business's plan. ​

Why is this relevant?
Potential clients get frustrated when they must repeatedly answer the same questions. Short-answer questions do a good job of qualifying and booking your leads, at which point you can provide excellent service.

Examples of Intake questions:
Family information for wills and trusts, insurance information for services, addresses, specific demographic information, payment information, medicine refills, results, repairs needed, basic questionnaires with direct answers that do not require elaboration.

What is not included in the Intake?

  • "Briefly describe" questions that could have elaborate answers depending on the caller.

  • Long response questions.

  • Open-Ended questions such as those designed to illicit detailed and thoughtful responses that foster deeper conversations.

  • Verification of information

  • Additional questions added after the initial approval process.

  • Calls that fall outside the scope of Andi Virtual services. These encompass technical and specialized inquiries such as product specialization or certification-related questions (technical support requiring training, software troubleshooting, legal counsel, medical advice), which are not within the purview of Andi Virtual's capabilities.

Note: Andi Virtual is more than happy to help you with your intake forms to ensure they are within our parameters and delivering a great experience for you and your new leads.

Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking involves tasks such as scheduling appointments, rescheduling appointments, and making outbound calls for appointment scheduling purposes (which may incur standard call charges). This process necessitates the use of third-party availability-slot software, such as Google Calendar, Calendly, Acuity, Simple Practice, or any other publicly accessible booking link to which you are subscribed. To facilitate this, the Business must grant Andi access with provided guidelines.

Appointment Booking fields can include the following:

  • Contact Information

  • Service Required

  • Location

  • Availability (Date/Time)

  • Referral source (name or search platform)

Custom Calendaring

Custom Calendaring refers to Appointment Booking that entails scheduling for multiple members of your organization. We will make our best effort to streamline your calendaring needs to ensure efficiency. For instance, we can access multiple calendars and manage bookings for designated individuals. This will be facilitated during our onboarding process.

Payment Collection

Andi Virtual will use a third-party interface platform provided by the Business and will act on the Business’s behalf to accept payment instrument information from a caller during a call. Examples of interfaces include online payment pages, invoice pages, and appointment-booking pages where pre-payment or pre-authorization is required. For the security of the caller, Andi Virtual, and the Business, we do not and will not store caller payment information on our systems, nor will we document payment information in call summaries.

Payment Collection is limited to the following criteria:

  • Payment instrument details (e.g., card number, expiration date, CVV)

  • Amount (including currency)

Information beyond the scope of the above two items is considered Intake and is subject to the requirements for Intake.

Complex Call Routing

Complex Call Routing refers to the customization of call-handling rules for a particular number, time of day, or extension. This includes routing calls based on specific schedules, availability, and holiday hours. Additionally, we can set up sequential ringing for your team or use a simultaneous ring feature known as “blast” to notify everyone at once. This ensures that calls are efficiently managed, and potential callers are not missed, even if the designated person does not answer the call."


CRM Integration

Andi Virtual offers integration with most major CRMs, case management, practice management, and marketing/sales management software programs. Basic call details, including contact information and notes, can be seamlessly added to your records in real-time. In many cases, receptionists are also equipped to search through and update existing records to prevent duplication. CRM Integration encompasses the initial setup of the integration as well as its ongoing maintenance; it is your responsibility to manage, maintain, and update these platforms/programs to ensure efficiency. Once you grant CRM access to Andi Virtual, we input leads and callers' basic contact information directly into your CRM."


Conflict Checks

Before qualifying a lead for an intake, we can conduct a conflict check to ensure that your representation of an individual does not conflict with another client's interests. We perform this check based on the information provided in easily accessible formats such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or third-party software. However, it is your sole responsibility to maintain accurate and up-to-date information for this purpose. While we provide this service as a courtesy, it is your obligation to verify the accuracy of the information. The questions asked during the conflict check are based on the preferences of the Business. To conduct an accurate conflict check, you must keep its conflict check data current. This process is considered part of the Intake and is subject to the 2-minute requirement for asking and answering questions. If a conflict of interest is confirmed, we notify the client of the potential conflict and take a message. Subsequently, we relay this information to you to confirm the status of the potential client.

Some additional notes on our services and features:

Conjoined Add-On Services

A single additional service may require the use of other add-on services. For example, Payment Collection can also constitute the need for Extended Intake or Appointment Booking services in cases where payments are processed only after a booking or intake form is completed.

Call Blocking

The ability to block calls is offered for reduction of spam, unwanted sales, and wrong numbers. When you block a call, you are no longer charged for it. Our system blocks over 20 million known spam sources automatically, using crowdsourced identification. In addition, blocking calls can be used to prevent abusive / harassing callers and pushy salespeople.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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